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The Locus of the software is placed where the questions are generated periodically to extract information for the regular assessment of the institution. The Object of the questions are to extract information from the person either by request or by command. Such extracted information are the valuable inputs for any organization.

Common Features

Question Type

Various objective and subjective questions can be created. Objective questions like Choose, true or false, fill in the blanks and descriptive answers which answer the given questions.

Question Paper Creation

The question paper is created through the question bank. The difficulty and weightage are balanced. The alternative question papers can be created. The created question paper is kept more secret.

Blue Print Settings

The Blueprint setup can be formatted . It can be programmed initially and then through this blue print various question paper can be created.The Blueprint once stored numerous question paper pattern can be derived from that.

Online Exams

The Online Exams can be conducted through the QBS. The various participants from various places can attend the exam at the same time. The online exams can accommodate more persons than the traditional method.

Offline Exams

The offline exams can be streamlined by this software. It helps in question paper creation conduction and preparation of alternative set of questions in the offline exams.

Question Bank Download

The Various set of questions and question banks can be downloaded. The question bank is useful for the question paper familiarization.

Question Paper Variation

Various Question papers can be set according to the Departments, syllabus, weightage, type of questions. Alternative questions can be created for the examination.

Subject / Chapter / Category

Various question papers can be created according to the various subjects. The question can be segregated according to the subject chapter and the various classes.

Result Analysis

The result of the exam can be analyzed by using various filter like age, marks wise, class wise. The Result analysis can further help in the improvement of the teaching methods.

Result Comparison

The Report generated since the conclusion of the exam can be compared within the institution and with other institution.


The QBS provides a great security to the data which are stored in it. The Access point is secured and firewalled and protected from the outside shocks.

Question Pattern Creation

The Various Question pattern can be compared with the help of the QBS. So that the best question pattern which brings out the various facets of the student's knowledge is created.

Online Payment

The payment of the examination fees can be paid online. The user has to give his payment gateway and he has to login through his username and password to have a secured entry and pay the prescribed fees.